The Temple Ministries

Protecting God's Temple Through Healthy Living


If you went out and bought a new home, how would you care for it? Would you invest the time on making sure that all the plumbing and electricity is working? Would you give your garden that extra tender loving care? Of course, we would because it is yours and you worked hard to get it! Now, how does this relate to healthy living? It is the same thing; your body is your physical home for your spiritual being. God wants to be our prospect tenant, and He wants to reside in all of us.

TaQuina "TQ" Davis, certified personal trainer, has been in the fitness industry since 2001. She has been in leadership and development positions, for non profit organizations, responsible for developing wellness/fitness programs for youth and adults.

"I was always physically active throughout high school, college, and semi-professional athletics I never really understood the TRUE importance of it all. It became a revelation when I gave my life to God and sacrificed my body to do His will." - TQ Davis

We are a reflection of him, "So God created man in his own image... " - Genesis 1:27. Our lives and our actions must be a reflection of God. We must learn to give up things and to sacrifice our bodies for this is pleasing to God " present your bodies as a living sacrifice..." - Romans 12:1.

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